"20​/​20" EP. 2015

by Asoh Black!



Why 20/20? 20/20 represents the balance. The conscience vs the vibe. A musical representation of my personal third eye. It represents the first time I clearly saw what I wanted to do in life. 20/20 has no features but I want you to know this was no solo mission. Thanks to everyone who believes in what I see in myself. This project is my vision, and I just hope you're here to watch me execute it. I haven't even started yet.


released June 20, 2015




Asoh Black! Brooklyn, New York



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Track Name: ET, TheGod [Prod. by Eurythmic]
Oh yeah, I'm feeling this one
Ayo Eurythmic you blessed this shit dog
Yeah this soulful

She said Go and put your hand up in that sand
Go and cleanse yours sins
I said hold up wait up maam, understand
Asoh Black ain't a phase for me
Complacency ain't a thing for me
Gassed up till im greater than that shit you used to cut the cheese
Cut the crap, dont you cut a fucking check in front of me
Unless you could use it to feed a meal to millions
Smoking while im writing
Hope these hookah bars are worth the cells I'm killing
Cause I'm trynna make a killing
Said Im trynna make a killing
Im gon have to sell my soul just to pay the price for how I'll be living
But don't you judge me boy because you even know the half
Quarter year ago I couldn't even rap
Rap my 2 cents in these thoughts hoping to pull dimes up out the crowd
Happy living, but this nickel bags got me on different clouds
I've had, high hopes ever since I was a child
Still not a penny to my name
Just hope my family still proud

I am growing dependant on pessimism from petty foes
Cause rocks thrown at your road end up being used as your stepping stones
What're the chances, you end up where chance is
Well you can't put your name on this earth unless you first take a seed and plant it
Watch your manners
You talking to a wordsmith
Twisting up my lingo like lyrically cursing cursive
Whats your purpose
Nigga tell me whats your function
Even Jay Z would see Asoh got ways to make your broad just turn up and jump up in that junction
Sorry for the reference
That was a little anecdote for my hometown brethren (Brooklyn/that's that Brooklyn nigga)
Where you at? Future legend trynna keep us on the map

I mean you believe what you want to believe but
Deter my determination
And I respect your trying
But you mustve lost your noodles if you thought that I would stop rhyming, yuh
Sing joy nigga
Track Name: Aposiopesis [Prod. by MF Doom]
Cruising in my conscience
Should've said, cruising for conches
Now this killer flow flows wetter than unidentified dead veterans
Wordplay got me feeling like I'm older than a Letterman
Let him out
Let him spill his soul/fears to the fucking globe
How you finna level up
If your thoughts ain't evolvin' from the coffin
That these niggas try to put 'em in
I see it as games, but my homie might shotput a man
Rustle your crew
Leave 'em restless and peaceless
Ironic cause when I'm through
All they'll do is rest in pieces
College bound and this poetry's my thesis
I hope my English teacher loves my Aposio-...
Turned my herbal visions to verbal incisions
And that's word to every decision that I made since a nigga spliffed it
Spiffly spliffing with my dogs
And we simply kicking
Causin' up a scene like one of us got evicted
Listen with precision to my double entendres
Swear to God I lyrically spit that shit you cannot conquer
Brooklyn nigga, 'til the day I go bonkers
Indie rapper, not trying to get sponsored by monsters
Look, one in a million make it on your type of mission
But I believe I'm a natural by selection
So overtime adapted and grew resistant to the negative slurs in words belittled by bigots
Who think that rap's the reason why dudes get lazy and ignant, huh?
Well nigga please
But a little push is what is needed, guarantee it
Homie hold your ground and I promise you'll never feel defeated
They only shoot down your dream when they feel its something worth reaching

Said imma rep I mean rap my vision, everything I believe in
'Til I'm hotter than June when it gets a little impatient and gives us all a little taste of a lot of its summer season
You know, a little something to believe in
Won't rap about hoes and clothes
Fabrication not my style
Don't go spit behind a mask if you ain't Danny Dumile
Track Name: Sway [Prod. by Kanye West]
Paid and advertised
By Mr. so fly
You might actually have to die
Just to see him live
And I live like I'm Compton's Brooklyn step kid
Favorite rapper black or white
I'll be thrown up in the mix
You know what it is
Born and repping
Back when Marbury was that shooting Stephon legend
Nowadays there's really only one 23
But you're the witness when the balls in my court and the mics on me
Young Basqiat
Fear him not
Unless you a rapper. We cool if you know your spot
Unless you a rapper stepping out of line
Proceed to show your beef
This starving artist will eat way more than beats
Eurythmic told me
They need Asoh in the streets boy
You been gone for way too long
Just drop like one more song
But don't you know that you the reason why these heads stay bopping
Sure the lyrics open minds, but the beat been knocking
I agree I am a young ass MC
Only 19, eyes already set on Em's seat
And imma get it as soon as I can make ends meet
Swear the flow is so savage rapping meaner than your average
Colder than the weather on my brother's birthday
There goes another 2/3, told him live life for your dream
Boy there's truth in the wordplay
I promise seats for Grammy's if you got me seats for Barclay's
But back to the fact that I'm colder than the winter
Hope you don't get heated if you lose her
Cause she will have that summer fling
With this BK king
Till I tell her fall back
When she talks about an offspring
Don't, God
I know it must be stressing
When they say that you sound like a really good Joey Bad impression
Well homie I ain't sweating bout a thing
If they bump 20/20 like 24/7

Paid and advertised
By Mr. so fly
You might actually have to die
Just to see him live
And I live like I'm Compton's Brooklyn step kid
Favorite rapper black or white
I know that you know what it is